Post Biasa

Well, Hello!

I’m new in WordPress but I really want to make this my personal web log for my works… I’m focusing on, well, Indonesian Translyric fandubs. 🙂 

What’s a translyric? 

To be simple, it’s a translated lyrics. I love to listen and sing to Japanese songs… So what I’m going to work is going to be a translyric from Japanese songs! 
Especially, VOCALOID songs.

What’s VOCALOID? Gosh, I’m too lazy to make explaination in here so, well, try to google it, maybe? *shotted*

Well, I’m going to put some of my Indonesian Translyric works and lyrics in here… 
I’m not going to make these translyric MINE only. I mean, if you want to use translyrics from my works, please notice me and… *clearing thoat* uhm, please give credits of this page, ok? 

Jaa, kore kara yoroshiku onegaishimasu! ^o^/


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